Shamrock Milk Replacer is a whey based whole milk substitute for calves: calves less than 3 weeks old can only digest and utilise milk derived protein, vegetable protein is not efficiently utilised in younger calves.


The Crude Oils and Fats in Shamrock Milk Replacer are a vital source of energy (2.5 times more energy than carbohydrates), they are important nutrients for maintenance and reduce the risk of hypothermia in the young calf.

  • EMX™ added: reduce scours caused by protozoa (coccidiosis and crypto)

  • Enhance immune system of the calf

  • Promote feed intake for rumen development

  • Increase growth rates

  • Help support full genetic potential of the calf

  • Do not have to rely on milking

  • Reduce risk of spreading disease e.g. Johne’s

  • Can be used once-a-day from 3 weeks of age

  • Compatible with automatic milk feeder

  • Calves reach target weights sooner

  • Easy to mix

  • Stays fresh for up to 12 hours after mixing

20 KG bags

Suitable for calves for less than 3 weeks

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Organic acids, antibodies and EMX™ in Shamrock Milk Replacer supports the immune system to reduce the likelihood of scours. Shamrock Milk Replacer contains high levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins for the neonate calf to promote growth.
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