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Shamrock Calf Starter Block is high in crude protein (soya protein), minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It can be given to calves from three weeks old and is designed to help promote the development of the rumen and boost overall immunity.


This exceptional Calf Starter Block contains flaked maize, yeast, EMX™, oligosaccharides, polyphenols and vitamin B12 to encourage maximum performance. This feed block is not a substitute for ration and should be given as complementary feedstuff.

10 KG buckets
Can be used for calves older than 3 weeks old
  • High in protein, oils and fats

  • EMX: a natural plant extract added to maintain the integrity of the digestive tract, while destroying scour-causing protozoa (e.g: coccidiosis)

  • Improves weight gain

  • Improves overall appearance

  • Low usage rate

  • Rumen buffer

  • Weather proof

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